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Rhodiola Rosea Face Serum

£ 11.79 each


This serum helps relieve dryness and improves the skin’s natural moisture-retentiveness, and deeply nourishes it.
Adoptogenic Rhodiola Rosea effectively protects skin from environmental impacts, making it supple and soft. Moreover, being full of active components such as Rosavin, Rosarin, and Rosin, Rodiola Rosea helps to slow down the ageing process and nourish the skin.
SYN-AKE® and SYN-COLL® complexes protect and regenerate skin cells, stimulating natural collagen production, while natural Hyaluronic acid provides instant hydration and diminishes signs of fatigue.
Skin-loving natural Bisabolol acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps to soothe and calm sensitive skin.
Extracts of Wild Harvested Aquilegia Sibirica and Organic Malva make skin noticeably radiant and supple, for a healthy glow

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