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Water Balance x 60 Tablets

£ 5.49 each

Fluid retention (also known as oedema) is a big problem for a lot of women. It can affect women at any age, and some men also suffer with fluid retention. Some women experience symptoms all the time, but others find they occur just before a period, or after standing for a long time.

Dandelion herb, with root (100mg per tablet)U

Uva-ursi leaf (9.7mg per tablet) equivalent to 29-58mg of Uva-ursi leaf

Buchu leaf (11.25mg per tablet) equivalent to 30-60mg of Buchu leafD

Dose for adults: 2 easy to swallow tablets twice a day after meals. Can be taken continually, but if symptoms persist, consult your doctor.  Suitable for vegetarians.

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