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Why do varicose veins happen?


Well, the veins in the lower leg have a tricky job in trying to push blood upwards, going against gravity.  Also veins need to be able to expand to allow blood through, if the veins don't manage to spring back into shape, they can end up swollen and twisted, becoming varicose veins.


Things like standing for long periods of time, pregnancy, tight clothing, carrying extra weight and genetics can all lead to varicose veins.


This is where Venaforce can help. Venaforce are twice daily tablets that help to relieve the horrible dragging pain associated with varicose veins.


Only last year, I noticed the onset of varicose veins, caused by a lifetime of working on my feet.  The pain I felt was indescribable.   After only a couple of weeks taking Venaforce, I noticed a distinct improvement.    For me, Venaforce is essential since I want to prevent the ugly mess of varicose veins in the future which can spoil the appearance of your "Summer" legs.   



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